Aparthotel Arai 4*S

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Opinions de clients

Valoració mitjana 5/5
Annette Cingle Valoració 5/5
Juny de 2019 Lovely stay for 6 nights with my daughter

The hotel is managed by very competent and friendly gentlemen. The location was ideal to beach, neighborhoods and metro easy to access. I would stay here again on my return.

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Sarah Griffith Valoració 5/5
Juny de 2019 The hotel was extraordinary

The room was magnificent and the service was excellent. We will be staying here again and will definitively recommend!

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Ronald Reed Valoració 5/5
Juny de 2019 Great location!

Staff was helpful and friendly!!

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Jainarayan Radhakrishnan Valoració 5/5
Juny de 2019 We truly had a great time

Staff was very courteous, prompt and gave us great advice about the city and sights. Thanks to them!

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Ppaul Spiegelman Valoració 5/5
Juny de 2019 Thanks for a great stay

Excellent service! We had a wonderful time.

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