Hotel Bagués 5*

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Durchschnittliche Beurteilung 5/5
Sandy Lindh Beurteilung 5/5
November 2019 Hotel Bagues is absolutely amazing

Thank you to the front desk and all staff for being so kind and helpful, it was almost like being at home.

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Lynn Terpstra Beurteilung 5/5
November 2019 Your staff was FABULOUS

We had a great stay at Hotel Bagues and will recommend it.

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Michelle Loftus Beurteilung 5/5
November 2019 Thank you for such an amazing stay

Amazing hotel. Service was truly great. I like how the bar was stocked and that the coffee was great. I also really liked the breakfast. The people at the front desk were just so nice. I don't say this often, but I will come back to this hotel.

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James Burschinger Beurteilung 5/5
November 2019 Great 5* hotel in Barcelona

Excellent value and friendly helpful staff!

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Rosalynn Lee Beurteilung 5/5
November 2019 Service all around was excellent

Would definitely come back!

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