Foundation and Egyptian Museum

Museu Egipci de Barcelona

Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

The Clos Archaeological Foundation, founded in 1992 to promote ancient cultures, especially that of Ancient Egypt, offers different activities and specific programmes centred around a collection of Ancient Egyptian art that is unique in Spain. It includes over 1,200 original pieces that are on display at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.

The Clos Archaeological Foundation is a non profit-making organisation that is self-financed, generating its own resources without receiving public subsidies from any Authority. Self-financing is ensured through the provision of services to the general public and thanks to the financial support of the Círculo de Amigos y Mecenas [Circle of Friends and Patrons] and sponsoring companies.

Derby Hotels Collection is the main sponsor of the Foundation. Derby Hotels therefore invites all of its guests to visit the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona free of charge, in order to share the company's cultural patronage with them. Thanks to the financial support given to the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona by Derby Hotels and by the Círculo de Amigos y Mecenas, the Foundation is able to implement various specific programmes of great significance to education and social​cooperation.

  • Egyptology training access programme The Egyptology training access programme seeks to encourage access to training by students from schools located in the two municipalities where the headquarters of our facilities are located: Barcelona (Egyptian Museum) and Palau-solità i Plegamans (Archaeology Campus). Since 1998, The Clos Archaeological Foundation has granted 600 grants per school year in Barcelona and, since 2002, to all primary and secondary school students in Palau-solità i Plegamans in order to undertake archaeological work and Egyptology workshops.
  • "Upuaut Project" social cooperation programme: The Upuaut Project seeks to make the educational contents on Ancient Egypt at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona accessible to any association or foundation recognised by the Generalitat that offers services and includes people with mental or physical disabilities or those at risk of social exclusion.
  • Programme for the recovery, restoration and promotion of the Ancient Egyptian archaeological heritage: The Clos Archaeological Foundation is implementing an archaeological research project in Egypt to perform archaeological digs and to restore its monuments at the necropolis of Kom al-Ahmar, Sharuna, in Middle Egypt.