Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Customer reviews

Average rating 5/5
Aisling Kerr Rating 5/5
June 2019 We really enjoyed our stay

We had our two year old with us and found your staff so kind to her.

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Bo Wang Rating 5/5
June 2019 Good hospitality

Good location and reception.

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Meir Cohen Rating 5/5
June 2019 Keep up the good service!

It was a pleasant stay. Nothing to complain about.

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David Morgan Rating 5/5
June 2019 Made our stay in Barcelona very pleasant

Loved the location as it is close to shopping and restaurants. The hotel is attractive and the staff friendly and helpful.

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Mark Claveau Rating 5/5
June 2019 Very courteous and professional staff

We had a very enjoyable stay.

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