Environmental Sustainability

Sostenibilidad y medio ambiente DERBY HOTELS COLLECTION

We help conserve natural resources and biodiversity

Innovation, the application of technology and the efficiency of our facilities are the pillars of the Group's commitment to reducing environmental impacts.

  • Use of sustainable construction materials and techniques in the facilities and in the conservation of the architectural elements of our unique buildings of historical value.
  • Energy consumption of hotels through renewable energies and promotion of energy contracting with a guarantee of renewable origin.
  • Progressive change of all the bulbs to LED illumination. Since 2018, approximately 90% of our lighting installations operate with LED technology.
  • Commitment to electric mobility. From 2018 the Hotel Claris has charging points for electric cars.
  • Water consumption reduction improvements:
    · All rooms are equipped with a water-saving faucet.
    · All showers have the "Ecostat" system saving an average of 5l / shower.
    · Consumer reading meters to monitor consumption and take action to reduce it.
    · Awareness messages to customers using the water resource.
  • Waste reduction through recycling or reuse:
    · Compliance with local waste management regulations.
    · Drum storage system and specialized and certified collection of cooking oil. Complying with the highest environmental standards in the "International Sustainability and Carbon Certification" oil treatment processes.
  • Responsible and efficient management of food products used in our restaurants:
    · Through a back office system that allows you to monitor the differences between the inventory of stored products and products sold in our restaurants.
    · Gastronomic offer mainly a la carte and with very short-term orders.
    · Reducing the waste of unsold food by revaluing it in the "Chef's Suggestions" offer or reusing it for staff meals.
  • Use of biodegradable products and disposal of PET products:
    · In 2020, the plastic in the minibar has been completely removed from all rooms.
    · Most of the amenities offered to the customer are products with dosage.
    · Total replacement of plastic bottles with returnable and recyclable glass bottles.