Os-kuro Sushi Bar & Robata

Flavors of Japan at the Claris

Os-kuro Sushi Bar & Robata

Os-kuro's proposal is divided into the Sushi Bar on the ground floor and the Restaurant on the first floor, where you can taste a select menu based on robata, tempura, wok and other Asian specialties. In addition, Os-Kuro stands out for offering gluten-free options for practically its entire menu.

In addition to our fixed menu, both the Sushiman and the Chef present their seasonal suggestions that are renewed according to the fresh products of each time of the year.

A selection of up to 9 sake references make up in Os-kuro a surprising possibility of getting closer to the universe of this fascinating and unique Japanese drink.

A double space, Sushi Bar and Restaurant in which light and shadows play with the very name OS-KURO, from the Japanese 黒 (KURO) and Spanish oscuro, in both languages meaning "black / dark".