Os-Kuro Sushi Bar & Robata

Flavors of Asia at the Claris

Os-Kuro Sushi Bar & Robata

Os-Kuro's proposal is divided into the Sushi Bar on the ground floor and the Restaurant on the first floor, where you can taste a select menu based on robata, tempura, wok and other Asian specialties.

A double space, Sushi Bar and Restaurant in which light and shadows play with the very name OS-KURO, from the Japanese 黒 (KURO) and Spanish oscuro, both meaning "black / dark".

Currently you can already enjoy the Sushi-Bar, presided over by two original samurai armors from the beginning of the 20th century, open on the nights from Tuesday to Saturday on the ground floor.

Our team is carrying out small renovation works in the restaurant on the upper floor, to open soon a new gastronomic project and bring the best of Asia to the heart of Barcelona.