Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Philip Harkins Rating 5/5
August 2019 Highly recommend

Fab hotel in a fab location.

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Vistoria Fredrickson Rating 5/5
July 2019 FANTASTIC customer service

The gentlemen at the front desk were so incredibly helpful. They easily got us into our room even though we were early. They spoke to us in English (so comforting!) They assisted us with our massive amount of luggage. Finally, they gave us great recommendations on what to do with our day in Barcelona, assisted with bus ticket purchase, and directed us to the bus stop. The room was very spacious and comfortable...beautifully decorated. Would highly recommend!

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Nina Keskikallio Rating 5/5
July 2019 Thanks !

Everything was great and we had a wonderful time!

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Alice Hardin Rating 5/5
July 2019 The staff was very friendly and helpful

We appreciated the comped breakfast the morning we was a very nice gesture! We stayed at the beginning and end of our cruise vacation The front desk was kind enough to schedule taxi service to the port and airport for us.

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Benjamin Branitzki Rating 5/5
July 2019 We loved the hotel

The room was big, the bathroom is awesome ! Everything was great. The staff at the reception are super nice and helpful. We will be happy to stay at your hotel again.

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