Michelin chef Aurelio Morales praises Spanish cuisine in Madrid's CEBO Restaurant

Madrid’s Michelin star, Aurelio Morales has started a new creative chapter with a tasting menu called 'Las Diecisiete', “The Seventeen”, in which he pays homage to the traditional recipe book and the local produce of Spain’s 17 diverse regions. This is a tasting menu that explores recognizable flavours and shows a masterful use of vanguard techniques and the cleverness and substantive work of this Spanish chef.

Madrid, June 2018.- To surprise an increasingly well-traveled dinner guest based on traditional and recognizable flavours is not an easy task, however CEBO’s chef, Madrid´s Hotel Urban 5*GL and Michelin star, Aurelio Morales manages to pull it through with his ´The Seventeen´ tasting menu. Morales, who trained in the avant-garde cuisine of renowned restaurants such as elBulli or Miramar, has decided to face new challenges, risking and defending a personal style defined by passion and humilty.    

Aurelio Morales has worked hard to achieve not only Guia Roja, Spain’s and Portugal Michelin star guide recognition, but also to fill CEBO restaurant in a daily basis, supported by an impressive team,  Hotel Urban’s management and Derby Hotels Collection, which is commited to offer a high dining experience.

 In his willingness to improve everyday, chef Morales introduces now two new tasting menus, giving a new twist to CEBO’s dining experience.

Cebo’s 'Our Classics' menu (€80, in ten steps) is a compilation of CEBO’s most outstanding dishes, such as the tripe croquette and the anchovy in different textures. Whilst the longer menu (€ 110, in 17 steps) unites his latest new creations: dishes full of cleverness, boldness and creativity. 'The Seventeen' tasting menu offers a tour around Spain’s 17 regions through its most representative recipes and produce, in what is intended to be an acclamation to the Spanish cuisine, its traditional flavours, but presented in a unique way.

THE SEVENTEEN '. SPAIN’S TOUR IN SEVENTEEN STEPS From this sensory trip around Spain stands out the Andalusian fry of shrimp, white prawn and sprig on rebujito’s snow; the Asturian croquette of compango on broth of fabes beans and Cantabrian Sea clams; game tartare seasoned with Iberian pilpil, castañetas, cold meat and Iberian ham (a splendid job based on the Iberian pig and praising Castilla y León region); Paprika warm cream from La Vera, La Serena cake, criadilla de monte and fungus Amanita cesarea ice cream (a commendation to Extremadura’s region best produce) and Galician’s region pot of cabbage with oysters and mussels. This fine dining experience presented by chef Aurelio Morales ends with his particular vision of Navarra’s garden dessert; a combination of piquillo pepper, artichokes and white asparagus with sweet flavours.In short, “The Seventeen” CEBO’s tasting menu is an original and evocative dining experience, based on Spain’s produce, but with a high dose of novelty presented with an exquisite restaurant service in one of Madrid’s best wineries.  


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Phone:  +34 91 787 77 70

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. and from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.     



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